Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ Global Billboard Campaign Reaches Toronto [PIC]

Apple launched a new global advertising campaign called ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ yesterday, and images featured are making their way around the world, popping up on billboards, transit ads and magazine ads.

One of the four featured Canadians is Whistler-based photographer Dan Carr (and reader) who explained more about his featured photo, seen below:

The photo that was chosen by Apple is called “Ice Bubble Reflections” and was taken at Joffre Lakes in British Columbia, Canada.  The bubbles trapped in the clear ice are methane bubbles from decaying vegetation at the bottom of the lake.  As the ice forms, it creates incredible patterns that have layers of contrast and shapes right through the ice.  It’s truly one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenons, and a favourite subject for photographers who know where to find them.

Dan explains he has no idea where his photo is being featured right now around the globe, but managed to track one down in the Euston Square tube station in London, England (via @LCBrennan):

Screenshot 2015 03 02 20 34 06

Meanwhile, one billboard has popped up in Toronto, at the Adelaide Fire Station, according to this ongoing list being compiled by featured photographer Julian Bialowas (via AppleInsider).

One Twitter user in Toronto posted the image below of one of the new billboards (via MacRumors):

Below are the other pictures taken by Canadians being featured by Apple. Let us know if you’ve spotted them (and Dan’s above) in your city or on the internet, as these people have no idea where their images are popping up!