Apple Watch May Include Option for Customized Engraving [Rumour]

Apple has long offered customized engraving for purchases such as the iPod online, but could this be also included with Apple Watch? According to sources speaking to French site (via MacRumors), the option will possibly debut, allowing two lines of text (Google Translate):

Our contact is not known whether this option will be available as soon as the Apple Watch or if it will come later. But it is almost certain that the engraving will emerge. He says that Apple is still thinking about it – especially as the burning demand a longer delivery date. It could be on the up, left, down the Apple Watch, and maybe the back because it may be that there is less information on the final version.

If you take a look at the back of Apple Watch, there’s four sensors that detect your heart rate and not a lot of room for engravings, which makes this rumour sound far fetched:

Screenshot 2015 03 05 11 01 46

Apple is expected to share more Apple Watch details at its special event taking place on Monday, March 9, which will be live streamed on the web. Get your wallets ready, folks.