Spare Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cables Priced at $35 and $49 in Canada

Need an extra Apple Watch magnetic charging cable? They are priced at $35 CAD for the 1 metre long version and $49 for the 2 metre length version:

We wanted to make charging your Apple Watch utterly effortless. So we arrived at a solution that combines our MagSafe technology with inductive charging. It’s a completely sealed system free of exposed contacts. And it’s very forgiving, requiring no precise alignment. You simply hold the connector near the back of the watch, where magnets cause it to snap into place automatically.

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Each Apple Watch comes with one of these cables and a USB power adapter. But if you need another spare cable for the office or your car or home, this is what it’s going to cost you.

Check out the prices for the Apple Watch in Canada here, along with strap prices here.