Apple Watch Strap Pricing in Canada: $69 Sport to $599 Link Bracelet [LIST]

Earlier today, Apple revealed its Apple Watch pricing for Canada and its website has similarly listed pricing for Straps, should you want to further customize your watch. Here they are listed below:

  • 38mm Green Sport Band: $69
  • 42mm White Sport Band: $69
  • 42mm Black Leather Loop – Medium: $199
  • 42mm Black Leather Loop – Large: $199
  • 38mm Soft Pink Modern Buckle – Large: $329
  • 38mm Black Modern Buckle – Small: $329
  • 38mm Black Modern Buckle – Medium: $329
  • 42mm Black Classic Buckle: $199
  • 38mm Black Classic Buckle: $199
  • 42mm Link Bracelet: $599
  • 38mm Link Bracelet: $599
  • 42mm Milanese Loop: $199
  • 38mm Milanese Loop: $199

The starting price for the Link Bracelet makes the Milanese Loop look like a ‘deal’. Note prices are the same whether you’re getting the 38mm or 42mm sizes. Bonus!


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The stainless steel Apple Watch with Link Bracelet costs $1229 and $1299. If you wanted to get the 38mm Apple Watch Sport and add on the Link Bracelet, it’d come to $1,048. You might as well pay a couple hundred dollars more for a stainless steel Apple Watch, right? 😉