Check Your Rogers First Rewards Account: 2,500 Bonus Points Could Be Waiting

Do you collect Rogers First Rewards points? Right now, the company is offering some bonus points to targeted accounts, in the amount of 2,500 points.

All you have to do is login to your account, go the Earn —> View All section and if you qualify, you should see the following image noting you have 2,500 bonus points waiting to be collected, as a “thank you for your loyalty.”

Rogers rewards

Rogers First Rewards is a loyalty program available to wireless, TV, phone and Internet and Smart Home Monitoring customers. Additional purchases such as Rogers Anyplace TV, Rogers One Number, services add-ons, data roaming and travel packs, monthly overages, monthly fees (including one-time connection fees), hardware purchases and early cancellation fees.

Points are generated based on three tiers:

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Some members on RedFlagDeals are seeing the bonus points but some are not. It’s best to login to your account and see if you qualify. Let us know if you see these bonus points and are able to claim them.