Fido Launches $99 Unlimited Canada-Wide Plan with 4GB Data [u]

Fido has launched a new Max Plan today, which offers unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes and 4GB of data for $99 per month (does not apply to MB/SK/QC), available for a “limited time only”. Additional data is billed at $10/500MB.

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Max Plans offer up to $450 in subsidies on smartphones when customers sign 2-year contracts. If you happen to be on the $85 Max plan and frequently use over 1GB of data, this new $99 plan offers better value.

Last September, we told you about a $90 Max plan with 4GB data Fido offered to customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This plan seems similar in nature but it’s $9 more.

Anyone going to jump on this?

Update: for those wondering, Virgin Mobile has the same plan, but Koodo’s $94 plan ($99 on Tab Medium) with 5GB seems to be a better deal.