Sesame: A Kickstarter Project That Aims to Replace Your Keys With Your iPhone

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A new Kickstarter campaign called “Sesame” aims to replace your keys with your iPhone. The device will fit on your existing lock in seconds, without needing to remove or replace anything.

Sesame attaches to your existing lock and allows you to lock and unlock your door using the Sesame app on your iPhone. The device will allow you to set up a custom knock on your door (or on your phone) that will unlock your door.

The smart lock allows you to share access with guests with control of who has access and when. Whenever anyone locks or unlocks your door you will receive an instant push notification on your device. Sesame installs in seconds using a single strip of 3M Command tape that is supplied in the box (no tools required).

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The creators of the smart lock have constructed a design that works with almost any single cylinder deadbolt in Canada, the U.S., Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia.

The device connects to a tiny dongle you plug into any electrical socket using Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. The dongle then connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control the lock remotely from your device. Sesame will reportedly last about 500 days on the lithium batteries supplied in the packaging. The app will notify you when the batteries are low through a push notification on your device.

A minimum $89 pledge will get you the Sesame unit without the Wi-Fi access point. If you pledge a minimum of $139 you will receive both the smart lock and access point. The project on Kickstarter has 32 days to go and has already exceeded its $100,000 goal. Sesame will begin shipping in May 2015 to all project backers.

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