SaskTel Announces New Simplified Billing System for Wireless Services


On Monday, SaskTel announced that they will be launched a new simplified bulling system for wireless services that will be streamlined and easier for customers to understand.

The new billing service will launch at the beginning of May to all SaskTel customers. The new system allows customers to manage data caps more easily and manage spending limits by setting a maximum balance that can be reached per wireless device every month. President and CEO of SaskTel Ron Styles said:

“SaskTel is committed to providing its customers with the best wireless service experience and we strive for customer service excellence in all customer interactions and that begins with the monthly bill. We are confident that the new enhanced billing system will provide a bill statement that is simple and easy to understand and will allow customers to manage their data caps and spending limits very effectively.”

Here are some of the features included in the new billing system:

Simplified bill – The bill will be streamlined and easier to understand with plan details and usage clearly outlined. Visit to learn more.

Enhancements to data caps – When a customer reaches $50 of data overage charges within Canada, or $100 of international data charges for usage outside of Canada, they will receive a text message notification. Customers can choose to suspend their data service for the remainder of the bill cycle to avoid additional charges, or opt out of data caps to continue using their data service by paying any additional data charges incurred. Customers can make changes online through by text message, or by phone call. Go to to learn more.

Spending limits – The Wireless Spending Limit program will help customers manage their wireless charges by setting a maximum balance that can be reached per device. Customers can also choose to decrease their spending limit to keep a tighter limit on overage charges. Go to to learn more.

The launch will migrate approximately 620,000 wireless accounts to the new system in several phases. The first batch will be migrated on April 8 followed by the next batches on April 16, 23, and 29. The carrier is working hard to minimize the amount of customer impact and system down time.