Apple Looks to Taylor Swift, Others for Exclusive Music Streaming: Bloomberg

Exclusive content is the tactic Apple will use to attract customers to its forthcoming revamped music streaming service, according to people familiar with the matter speaking to Bloomberg. Apple has asked Florence and the Machine, Taylor Swift, and others about a partnership proposal, the sources say.

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You may recall that Apple has been trying to negotiate a lower monthly subscription rate in the range of $8 with music labels, but without success. According to the latest whispers, Apple’s music streaming service will cost $9.99 for individuals, and there will be a family plan as well for $14.99. This information isn’t official yet, so the final price may differ.

Apple’s music streaming service will compete with YouTube and Spotify — the latter has 60 million users, and a quarter of them are willing to pay the $9.99 price to enjoy the ad-free experience. YouTube’s Music Key has the same price, so Apple’s $9.99 price tag will be in line with that of the competition.

Apple, however, has a great advantage: its worldwide iPhone and iPad user base combined with Apple Watch user base — so if the app comes preloaded, it has a potential customer base. Now it remains to be seen whether it will manage to convince them (us) to pay for its music streaming service.