iFixit Publishes Comprehensive Apple Watch Repair Guides

Repair guide

Following their traditional teardown of the Apple Watch, the folks over at iFixit have now published comprehensive repair guides for the Apple wearable covering the device’s display, NFC antenna and battery replacements, in addition to detailing how to safely replace the adhesives during repair. iFixit however clearly notes that the owner should be extra careful when replacing some parts of the Apple Watch.

“Opening your Apple Watch will destroy the adhesive that keeps it together. Finish every repair by replacing the adhesive and following the reassembly guide shown here.“

“Unfortunately, opening up your Apple Watch may damage the NFC antenna, which also serves as a gasketing seal. The antenna is made up of two layers, glued together. These layers may separate when you open your watch, compromising its seal after reassembly. If this happens, you’ll need to repair or replace your antenna before reassembling your watch”.

You can read the full guides at the source link.