Home Depot Plans To Officially Support Apple Pay Following POS System Upgrade [U.S. Only]

According to a report from Bloomberg Business, Home Depot has announced that it will officially support Apple Pay at all its retail locations in the United States. This will make the company Apple’s largest retail partner.

Customers were able to use Apple Pay at some of Home Depot’s retail locations despite there not being an agreement. Home Depot has disabled those devices because of a point-of-sale (POS) system upgrade, which led to many inaccurate reports that the company had dropped Apple Pay.


Many Home Depot stores in the United States continue to support Apple Pay through NFC payment terminals at this time, but access may be shut off in the coming weeks while the retailer upgrades its POS system and gets ready for the official launch of Apple Pay at its retail locations.

If the company pushes ahead with the plan, Home Depot would join companies like Whole Foods and Macy’s in embracing Apple’s mobile payment system. Other retailers are betting on a mobile payments option from the Merchant Customer Exchange called CurrentC. CurrentC is still under development and has slowly been losing clients to Apple Pay.


At launch, Apple Pay will work in all of Home Depot’s retail stores in the United States. However, we expect that once the service launches in Canada the retailer will also support the mobile payments system in all its Canadian retail store locations. Apple is expected to launch Apple Pay in Canada later this year.