First Look: Apple Watch Being Charged Through its 6-Pin Diagnostic Port [VIDEO]

Makers of the Reserve Strap third party watch band have shared just now a video of the Apple Watch being charged through its 6-pin accessory port, which is typically not supposed to be accessed by consumers.

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The timelapse video filmed by the founders of Reserve Strap show how charging via the 6-pin port is slightly faster than through Apple’s wireless charging method. They end up noting some interesting observations:

– Charging using the 6 pin accessory port is slightly faster than wireless inductive charging.

– No charging icon appears on the Apple Watch during 6 pin accessory charging. This is likely to avoid unnecessary screen clutter when using smart bands. We’re accounting for this by including a simple LED on the Reserve Strap to indicate charging state.

– While not apparent in the video, there was less ambient heat radiated on the back of the Apple Watch using 6 pin accessory port charging compared to wireless induction.

Check out the video below:

The Reserve Strap is available for pre-order for $249.99 USD.

While it does sound like an interesting idea and accessory for heavy Apple Watch users, I’ve not no issues whatsoever with my watch lasting an entire day. By the time my Apple Watch hits the charger, battery is still at about 40% remaining or higher. I wouldn’t plunk down $250 for this, as Apple could potentially close the port off for charging and make your strap useless.