Taylor Swift’s Album ‘1989’ Coming to Apple Music, First Time Streamed Online

Apple Music has now landed what has never been accomplished before: the rights to stream Taylor Swift’s album 1989. The musician announced the news this morning on Twitter, saying she’s happy to do it “after the events of this week,” and also said it’s not an exclusive to Apple.

Taylor swift

Why the change? Swift says “it’s felt right in my guy” for the first time and thanked Apple for their change of heart.

Last week Swift wrote a scathing open letter directed at Apple, sharing her disappointment Apple Music would not pay artists during the free three-month trial period. Apple quickly changed course and announced it would be paying artists as a result of the Grammy award winner’s letter, with iTunes chief Eddy Cue personally calling Swift to inform her of the news.

Some have suggested the Apple-Swift dispute is “mostly theater”, like former Pandora CTO Tom Conrad. Apple Music launches on June 30 and will be available in Canada, but pricing is unknown at this point.