Rogers/Fido Network Experiencing Outages, Incoming Calls and Texts Affected [u]

The Rogers and Fido network appears to be suffering from a network outage for some users, with many unable to receive incoming calls or text messages.

While the issues appears to be resolved for some, it’s still an ongoing issue for many frustrated customers:

Screenshot 2015 07 24 19 37 32

Below is an outage map from Canadian Outages, which shows many are experiencing issues in BC, Ontario and Quebec.

Screenshot 2015 07 24 19 37 50

Back in October 2013, the Rogers/Fido network suffered a major outage, and the next day customers received one day of service credit for the inconvenience.

Are you able to receive calls and text messages on Rogers and Fido right now?

Thanks Olivier Cote

Update: Rogers customers are affected as well.