Apple Looking for Engineers to Develop ‘Exciting’ New Apps for Android


A new job listing published on Apple’s website indicates that the company is planning to develop apps for Android beyond Apple Music & Move to iOS. As pointed out by 9to5Mac, Apple is “looking for engineers to help [Apple] bring exciting new mobile products to the Android platform”.

Since Apple has used the words “exciting new products”, it may indicate that the Cupertino giant is planning to go beyond the already announced Android apps.

The Apple Music application for Android is already well into development and is scheduled for release this fall. We’re told that Apple is already preparing to seed a private beta of the application to a “very small subset” of the existing Beats Music Android user base. Additionally, Apple’s earlier Android job listings specifically mentioned work on the Beats/Apple Music apps. 

The source also notes that Move to iOS app, that will allow Android users to more easily switch to the iPhone, is on target for the fall launch along with iOS 9.