Apple Writes Letter to Online Customers, Explains New Website Changes

Last week Apple quietly launched a new website, integrating their online store intro product pages, to make it easier for customers to make purchases.

While Apple did issue a statement to the media on the changes, a new letter on the Apple website now addresses customers on the revamped site:

Dear Online Customers,

We’ve made a significant update to by combining the shopping experience with our product information to create a simpler site for all of our customers. This will make it easier for everyone to discover and purchase our latest products. Now you can shop everywhere across and purchase products right where you learn about them. For convenience, accessories are located with their product families. We’ve also combined search so it’s easier than ever to find Apple products, accessories, and support. We think this update will be a big improvement to the way you learn and shop on

Thank you,


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With the new website, shopping is now easier for those on mobile devices and less clicks are required to purchase an item. Apple says the simpler site also includes a combined search function to easily find products and support as well.

I guess for new product launches, we can say good-bye to “the Apple Store is down!” messages from here on in.

How are you liking Apple’s new integrated website?