One Major Feature of Next Apple TV Will Be Universal Search, Start at $149


Corroborating earlier rumors, BuzzFeed reports that Apple will unveil a “drastically improved” next-generation Apple TV with a touch pad and motion sensors targeting casual gamers. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, John Paczkowski, managing editor of BuzzFeed suggests: Apple has been busy implementing features for the revamped software.

His sources also confirmed that the Apple TV will have its own App Store and Siri integration, as reported earlier at the weekend by 9to5Mac. The latter claims that Siri will be deeply integrated with the new Apple TV software. BuzzFeed’s sources describe the integration as “some pretty hardcore voice control”.

But that’s only one of the new features. Most importantly, the new Apple TV will finally bring universal search, sources say. Here is what this means, according to people familiar with the matter:

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans say that a cornerstone of the the company’s new set-top box is a universal search feature that will enable searches across multiple streaming video services as well as Apple’s iTunes Store. Instead of searching the catalogs of multiple video services one-at-a-time for a particular movie, you’ll now be able to search all — or most of them — at once and then choose the service on which you’d like to watch it. You’ll also be able to search for actors and directors, and run other more targeted searches as well — all with Siri. While Apple’s intelligent personal assistant is core to this feature, sources say there’s another engine driving it as well — Matcha, the video discovery start-up Apple acquired back in 2013.

As a result, it will enhance the overall Apple TV experience and position the set-top box as an entryway for video consumption from all kinds of sources and services, Paczkowski says. As for the pricing: It will cost more than the earlier version, which was first priced at $99 and later $79. While 9to5Mac says the device will be priced between $149 and $200, Buzzfeed claims its pricing will be at the lower point reported by 9to5Mac: $149.