Bell’s Monthly Plans Change to Align with Rogers Share Everything+

Last week Rogers debuted new Share Everything+ Plans, which offered new perks such as Spotify, Shomi and Next Issue for customers on select plans, on top of modifying their price plans and data allotments.

Now, it appears Bell has made some similar changes to match Rogers’ recent offerings, as spotted by MobileSyrup:

Specifically, Bell has done away with its 4GB and 6GB data allotments, settling for a single 5GB choice. But whereas Rogers offers more manageable deltas between the plans — 2.5GB rises to 5GB to 9GB — Bell has maintained its 2GB and 10GB options, with a single 5GB plan in the middle.

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Out of the Big 3, TELUS remains the only carrier to offer a shared 6GB plan option, priced at $65, while a 3.5GB plan is available for $45. You can problem guess TELUS may make similar changes soon to match Rogers and Bell, so that means the 6GB option could disappear anytime soon.