iPhone 6s Metal Performance is 3x Faster than iPhone 6


While the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus camera and 3D Touch are currently the centre of attention for most early adopters, one developer has just tested their GPU performance using ParticleLab. For those who aren’t aware, ParticleLab is a project that simply shovels dots across a screen to test GPU performance.

According to developer Simon Gladman, the iPhone 6s represents a significant improvement over the iPhone 6, especially for mobile gaming, with Metal performing 3x faster on the new iPhones (via TheNextWeb).

“With 4,000,000 particles, the 6 runs at around 20 frames per second, while the 6s hovers at  around 60 frames per second. With 8,000,000 particles, the 6 runs at an unusable 10 frames per second while the 6s manages a not too shabby 30 frames per second.

He also says the iPhone 6s is about 50 percent faster than his iPad Air 2”.

This means that if you try out games like Asphalt on your new iPhone 6s, you might be more impressed than you thought.

YouTube video

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