WIND Mobile Fixes iMessage Activation for iPhone Users

WIND mobile goes live in Kingston

According to a report from MacRumors, WIND Mobile customers have confirmed that iMessage activation via phone number now works correctly on iPhone. Previously, a WIND Mobile customer could only activate iMessage by using their Apple ID.

Brandon, a customer of WIND Mobile, confirmed [via MacRumors] that WIND Mobile fixed the iMessage activation issue:

“Finally WIND Mobile in Canada is suddenly using native iMessage. You used to have to only use your Apple ID for iMessage and FaceTime because it was unsupported on WIND’s network. Today, suddenly it started working. I have confirmed it with an Apple Genius, and I myself am a former Apple technician as well.”

Even though Apple released iOS 9.0.2 last week with a fix for iMessage activation issues, it is more likely that the problem occurred on WIND Mobile’s end because customers using previous version of iOS are also now able to activate iMessage using their phone number.

iMessage_iOSHave you had iMessage activation issues on WIND Mobile? If so, are you now able to setup iMessage using your mobile phone number? Let us know in the comments below.