Niagara Police Threaten to Charge Uber Over Violation of Region’s Bylaw


According to a new report from CBC, Niagara Regional Police threaten to charge Uber drivers if there are complaints about the ride-sharing service operating against the region’s bylaw.

Superintendent Scott McLean said the ride-sharing service is not operating in compliance with Niagara’s regional bylaw. McLean says that if Uber charges a customer and accepts the payment for the ride, then they are in violation of a bylaw and could be charged by police.

Many cities are still struggling to figure out what to do with ride-sharing services like Uber. In Hamilton, eight people are facing 23 charges for working as an Uber driver. In an email, city spokesperson Ann Lamanes said:

“No further charges to date, but we have an active investigation.”

Last month, Hamilton city council asked Uber to suspend its operations while the city explores changes to taxi laws and regulations. Uber spokesperson Susie Heath said that they was pleased to attend that meeting in order to try and establish rules and regulations for ride-sharing services.

Blue Line Taxi, a local cab company, has launched a new app to try and compete with ride-sharing services like Uber.