Leaked Screenshots Reveal Apple’s iOS Support Repair App [PICS]

MacRumors reports that Apple is working on an iOS support repair app which will provide customers with easy access to Apple support staff, troubleshooting tips, and repair options for their Apple devices.

The screenshots were leaked by Sonny Dickson to uSwitch Tech and reveal some interesting tidbits. For example, you can select from the list of available support documents, chat with an advisor directly from within the app, call the support centre, or schedule an in-store visit.


What’s more interesting is that the app seems to be linked to the user’s Apple ID, which automatically lists all Apple devices the user owns. Furthermore, it is “highly interactive and well integrated”, enabling quicker access to troubleshooting documents so the user can select from the available options.

Having such app on the device is useful, as it eases the whole troubleshooting process both for the user and Apple’s Genius employees, who – hopefully – won’t now have to deal with small issues.

As MacRumors notes, it is unclear whether this will be a standalone app or be integrated into another application, although one possible option could be the Apple Store app.