Rogers Wins Quebec Government Contract, Acquires Halifax Telecom Firm

Rogers announced this morning it will continue to provide the Government of Quebec wireless services, plus Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at provincial and municipal levels. The 10 year agreement with the Centre de services partagés du Quebec (CSPQ) will see Rogers be the sole provider of wireless solutions for employees.

The implementation of IoT connectivity will see Rogers continue to manage things such as traffic lights, and modems in city vehicles to do things such as “prioritize and manage salt distribution on the roads.”

Internetworking Atlantic Acquired by Rogers

In other news, Rogers has acquired Halifax telecom firm Internetworking Atlantic for an undisclosed sum, which includes the company’s data centre, fibre optic networks and team of 25 employees (via The Chronicle Herald).

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Founder and president of Internetworking Atlantic, Bruce MacDougall, said his company and Rogers have done business for several years, with the acquisition in the works over the past two years, saying “I’m really looking forward to it. There are a lot of good synergies.” He now becomes the senior operations director for Rogers in Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic president of Rogers, Ken Marshall, told the Herald the acquisition will allow the company to expand its enterprise offerings in the region, while also offering existing Internetworking Atlantic customers gain access to Rogers services.