Nanos Research Survey: Majority of People in Edmonton Support Uber


According to a Nanos Research survey released on Monday, the majority of people in Edmonton support ride-sharing services like Uber. A large number of people who took the survey want the option to choose premium pricing for rides.

In a news release, Uber’s general manager for Alberta said:

“It’s great to see how popular ride sharing has become in Edmonton, and we are thankful to Edmontonians for their support for this new transportation alternative. Edmonton could be the first Canadian jurisdiction to embrace ride sharing with smart regulations as has been done in over 60 North American jurisdictions.”

The survey also found that the idea of a minimum fare, which was proposed by the City of Edmonton, would act as a deterrent. People in the survey said they would rather oppose the idea of a ride-sharing company than support a minimum fare.

Almost 70 percent of Edmontonians support or somewhat support paying a premium for a ride during high-demand periods. The observations above were based on a random telephone survey to 402 Edmontonians.

City council will change the vehicle-for-hire bylaw on January 26, which will allow Uber to legally operate in Edmonton. Up to now, Uber has been operating illegally in the city because it does not follow the bylaw.

[via CBC News]