Bell Launches $5 Wireless Increase in QC; Videotron, SaskTel Revise Plans

Quebec, along with Saskatchewan and Manitoba were seen to be immune from recent Canada-wide wireless price increases—until now that is! Bell and Virgin Mobile have increased wireless prices by $5 per month in Quebec, reports MobileSyrup.

Internal documents note changes are effective today, and applies to all Bell Mobility Share Plans, while BYOD (bring your own device) increases $10 per month, just like other provinces. Also, the $50 non-share plan with 2GB will be eliminated.

Virgin Mobile customers will see all Silver, Gold and Platinum plans jump by $5 per month for new users, while a couple new plans with 50MB (not a typo) will be launched for light data users (i.e. people who check weather only?).

(insert witty #BellLetsTalk joke related to wireless increases here)

SaskTel Raises Prices by $5 Per Month

The Big 3 can’t have all the fun, right? SaskTel has similarly increased their prices, with all Voice and Data plans going up by $5 per month. Despite the increases, Saskatchewanians (?) enjoy some amazing wireless plans outsiders can’t get, such as $105 per month for unlimited Canada-wide voice and data.

Videotron Lowers Data Allotments in Response to Big 3

Quebec’s Videotron decided to lower data buckets for a couple of their premium plans and BYOD plans, instead of increasing prices. The changes are below:

  • $74.95 Premium Plan: 3GB data (was 4GB)
  • 84.95 Premium Plan: 5GB data (was 6GB)

Rogers CEO Guy Laurence justified recent wireless hikes by saying yesterday “If you think about how much work it takes to build, run and upgrade a national mobile network, trust me it’s a lot more work than making a cup of coffee.”

[via MobileSyrup]