Toronto Star Touch App Reaches 200,000 Downloads

star touch ipad.jpeg

The Toronto Star Touch app for iPad and Android tablets has been downloaded more than 200,000 times by readers.

Toronto Star Touch was selected as one of the best apps of 2015 by Apple and has maintained four and five star reviews. The app is now averaging above 45,000 user sessions every weekday and above 50,000 on weekends.

The Toronto Star’s electronic daily newspaper surpassed 100,000 downloads back in late December. However, not all is good with the news publication, as it has announced its printing plant in Vaughan will close. This means 220 full-time and 65 part-time jobs at the plant will be cut.

The Star Touch app was launched on September 15 as a free download, and delivers digital news to customers via push notifications. The app brings local, world, sports, business and entertainment news, bundled in a unique format that’s interactive with lots of photos and videos.

Toronto Star Touch is available as a free download from the App Store. The app requires any device running iOS 8.1 or later and is only compatible with iPad.

[via The Star]