Ontario Regulator Approves Aviva Insurance Coverage for UberX Drivers

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the province’s insurance regulator, has approved Aviva Canada to offer insurance for UberX drivers, reports The Canadian Press.

Aviva Canada’s additional coverage will apply as an addition to their personal insurance policy, for drivers who have held a license for at least six years, covering them for up to 20 hours weekly in ride hailing, for a maximum of eight passengers at a time in vehicles.

Drivers will be covered from all aspects of ride hailing, from finding, picking up and dropping off passengers. Aviva Canada says they are working with other provincial regulators to expand this insurance coverage nationwide.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says this is the “first” coverage of its kind in the country.

Last year, Aviva Canada was cancelling personal insurance policies for UberX drivers, but last month the company announced a new product to serve the changing industry being disrupted by Uber.