UberEATS Has Delivered Over 100,000 Items to Customers in Toronto

UberX-powered UberEATS is a quick delivery service that allows customers to order, pay and track meals and items from their smartphone in Toronto. Since the launch of the service nine months ago, Uber has announced it has delivered over 100,000 items from over 100 restaurants in the city.

Uber explains in a company blog post this “has meant extra earnings and added choice for Toronto uberX driver-partners, who serve as the backbone of the UberEATS business,” while also helping local businesses grow and support more jobs.

Harsh Chawla and Derek Valleau, Co-Owners Indian restaurant Pukka, said UberEATS has increased their revenue by 20%, and that demand resulted in the hiring of two extra employees, saying “The domino effect from the increase in sales is endless.”

UberEATS launched last May with lunch delivery only, but back in December expanded to all-day hours with the debut of a dedicated iOS app. For now, UberEATS has no plans to expand outside Toronto, the company said last month.

Edmonton is currently the only city in Canada to have passed bylaws to make Uber legal, which Toronto is said to follow suit, according to the city’s mayor.