UberEats Has No Plans to Expand Outside of Toronto–For Now

UberEATS launched last May in Toronto to delivery lunch to customers, utilizing existing UberX drivers. Last month, a standalone iOS app was launched dedicated just to UberEATS, part of an expansion of the service from morning to evening, from its over 100 restaurant partners.

While Uber has announced its plans to launch in 10 new U.S. cities, the company has stated it has no plans to expand its Canadian offering outside Toronto—for now.

In a statement to Eater, an Uber spokesperson said the service would not be arriving in Montreal anytime soon, stating “We’re currently focused on growing and improving the UberEATS business in Toronto, with no plans to expand to other Canadian cities at this time.”

While it can be disappointing to hear UberEATS remains in the “centre of the universe”, you can bet the company is fine-tuning its system there, ready to launch in other Uber-capable Canadian cities (that is if local governments and cabbies allow it!).

How are you liking UberEATS so far?