Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Twitter to Support Apple in FBI Encryption Case


According to a new report from BuzzFeed, a number of tech giants have said they would fully support Apple in their FBI encryption case.

Speaking at a congressional hearing today, Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said that his company “wholeheartedly” supports Apple in the ongoing case that’s pitted the iPhone maker against the FBI. Smith said Microsoft will be filing an amicus, a “friend of the court” filing that allows parties not directly involved in the case to weigh in, next week.

Amazon also stated their support for the case today. An Amazon spokesperson told BuzzFeed:

“Yes, Amazon is working on amicus brief options.”

The report notes that Google, Facebook, and Twitter have also announced their support in the case. A twitter spokesperson appeared to confirm that they will also be filing an amicus.

The court’s deadline to file an amicus is March 3. Apple executives are expecting that industry leaders will step up to support the issue if they have interest in the case.