Twitter Testing ‘Moments’ in Canada, Launch Pegged for April

Twitter announced a new feature called Moments last October for users in the United States, which brings the best of what’s happening on the social network, easily accessed via a new tab along the bottom of the iOS app.

Moments is currently available in the United States, UK and Brazil, while Australia just had their launch Wednesday local time. The curated Moments feature is usually led by an editorial team with online journalism backgrounds.

Twitter’s worldwide Moments curation team lead, Andrew Fitzgerald, told The Australian Financial Review the new feature is geared “for users who are new to Twitter or have come to Twitter a few times but have had a hard time put together that timeline.”

Essentially Moments will make it easier to digest the best content on Twitter—and its prime real estate will also be available for advertisers to create ‘sponsored’ Moments.

As for Moments in Canada? Many are seeing the feature appear within the company’s iOS app (including us), and a Twitter spokesperson confirmed to iPhone in Canada via email they are indeed currently testing the feature here, adding it’s “likely launching this April.”

After Moments appeared for us this evening, it disappeared upon force closing and re-launching the app, so it looks like testing is pretty random at this point in time. Check out the screenshots below:

IMG 2435 IMG 2434

The Twitter Moments feature in Canada will be lead by Jennifer Wilson, a former online editor from the Toronto Star.

Are you seeing the Moments feature within the Twitter iOS app in Canada?