Fido, Koodo Offer $25 Promo Plan: 100 Minutes, Unlimited Messaging

Fido and Koodo have launched new $25 promo plans for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) customers.

Fido’s plan offers 100 local minutes and unlimited international SMS/MMS, plus includes the usual Canada-wide Circle Calling feature.

Screenshot 2016 03 04 09 37 10

Meanwhile, some Fido dealers, such as WDNA in Ontario, are offering a $35/month plan that offers unlimited Canada-wide talk, SMS/MMS and caller ID and voicemail for BYOD customers:

35BYOP promo 2016 03 01 WEB

WOW Mobile dealers are also offering this $35 plan for Koodo customers.

Koodo’s $25 plan offers the same but includes unlimited 5pm evenings and weekends, plus pay-per-use data charged at $7.50/50MB, or $150/1GB, and the usual call display, voicemail, etc.

Screenshot 2016 03 04 09 37 29

Also, remember that $45/1GB promo plan launched late last month at Koodo for Ontario? That is now available Canada-wide, and is also available from Fido and Virgin Mobile.

I’m not sure what value these plans offer compared to previous promos, but they look to be for really, really light cellphone users.