Spigen’s iPhone SE Case Renders Show iPhone 5s-Like Design


Renderings of a supposed Spigen case for the iPhone SE indicate that the upcoming model will take most of its design cues from the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone SE reportedly has the same general shape as the iPhone 5s, with round volume buttons, a power button at the top and a pill-shaped cutout for the flash. All of this sound like it takes no design cues from the iPhone 6s.

MacRumors obtained the renders, and also confirmed that other case manufacturers are expecting an iPhone 5s-style design. A new iPhone SE would be the first in the iPhone line to not have a number in the product name, though we’ll have to wait until Apple’s official announcement which will supposedly happen March 21.


iPhone cases are big business, and many case makers like Spigen tend to get as much information as possible before they bet their production line on a new Apple smartphone. Leaks and renders like these sometimes give us our best sneak peeks at Apple’s upcoming products.

Whether there will be an iPhone SE, and what exactly it will look like, isn’t quite in the realm of reality just yet. We’ll be here to let you know later this month when Tim Cook and company reveal the new models.