Five Popular iPhone Apps That Kill Your Battery Life


There are quite a few popular iOS app that simply seem to drain your iPhone’s battery life. ZDNet has performed some real-world tests on popular iPhone apps to figure out which of them have the biggest impact on battery life.

According to the report, the biggest battery hog is Facebook, which honestly shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The best way to cut down on Facebook’s battery usage is to prevent the app from refreshing data in the background by turning off Background App Refresh in the settings (under General).

The next app on the list is Google Chrome. Google’s web browser has not only been a battery hog on iOS but on Mac OS X and Windows as well. For iOS and Mac OS X users, the best suggestion in order to save battery life is to switch to Safari.

Twitter is another culprit of battery drain on iOS devices. Similarly to the Facebook app, the best way to conserve battery life is to disable Background App Refresh.

The next battery hogging app is Google Maps, which users really can’t do much about because location services are known for using a lot of power.

Lastly, Skype is a huge battery hog. The best way to resolve this issue is to turn off Background App Refresh for Skype in the settings or switch to using iMessage or FaceTime instead.

In order to figure out which apps are draining the most battery life on your iPhone, use the built-in battery usage monitor (under Settings > Battery) to view battery consumption.