WIND Mobile Completes Calgary Network Upgrade; Edmonton Underway

WIND Mobile has announced customers in the Calgary Area will now benefit from similar enhancements, as better coverage and faster data speeds have arrived, on top of better call quality, thanks to “completion of a major network infrastructure upgrade,” just like the recent network upgrade in Vancouver in February,

Alek Krstajic, President and CEO, WIND Mobile, said in an emailed statement to iPhone in Canada, “We are really pleased to have completed the second Western market in our continuing network upgrade journey. It is so exciting to hear customers tell us that they are experiencing a noticeable improvement in their service.”

Now that Calgary has been completed, similar network enhancements have started in Edmonton, with further cities to come.

While these network upgrades are nice, most customers are eagerly awaiting the launch of the company’s LTE network (backed by their new owners Shaw), which will bring support to take advantage of the latest smartphones, such as Apple’s iPhone.

If you’re in Calgary and on WIND’s network, let us know if you’re seeing any real-world improvements.