Apple Lets You Make Your Own ‘Shot on iPhone’ Mother’s Day Video

Last week Apple launched a new ‘Shot on iPhone’ Mother’s Day ad, and now the company has launched a site to allow customers to include a picture of their own mom, as a continuation of that video.

Customers just need to visit, upload a picture of their mom, and it’ll appear at the end of the video. There is an option at the end to post this video right on Facebook, so you can share it with all your friends and family.

Adding an image of your mom to the Shot on iPhone video is easy. Once you visit, just agree to the Terms and Conditions, then choose an image of mom to upload.

Screenshot 2016 05 06 09 53 12

You can adjust your photo once you upload it. Below is a picture of my mom, Marge:

Screenshot 2016 05 06 09 54 10

Next, you can personalize the card by entering your first name and last initial:

Screenshot 2016 05 06 09 54 22

That’s it—you can now preview your video:

Screenshot 2016 05 06 09 55 19

The video will play the Mother’s Day Shot on iPhone ad spot, and an image of your mom you uploaded will appear at the very end. A disclaimer reads “Final photo may not be shot on iPhone”. Then, it’ll say “Happy Mother’s Day, Love, Gary” for example:

Screenshot 2016 05 06 09 56 12

If the video looks good, you can then post it right to Facebook.

apple mother's day facebook

Let us know if you’re going to give this a try. I think it will amaze our moms out there once they see this video on Mother’s Day. Click here to go make your video and let us know what you think.