Apple Will Reportedly Let Users Unlock Mac Via Touch ID on iPhone with OS X 10.12


According to a report from MacRumors, an OS X feature under construction by Apple may let people unlock their Mac by way of Touch ID on a paired iPhone.

knock iphone.png

Under the proposed system, a device link would be established via Bluetooth LE, letting the iPhone unlock the Mac once it’s within close proximity. The site didn’t reveal the source of its information, but has previously claimed to have a connection familiar with Apple software development.

The new feature will reportedly appear in OS X 10.12. It’s speculated that Apple might also allow people to unlock a Mac using only an Apple Watch, though the company would have to devise a way to ensure security.

knock 2.0 apple watch.jpg

Users can already experience similar technology through Knock, a third-party platform that involves setting up Mac and iOS apps, and then knocking on an iPhone twice to unlock.

If iPhone unlocks are coming to OS X 10.12, they will likely be revealed at next month’s WWDC event in San Francisco, where Apple regularly previews new versions of OS X and iOS. The software is also expected to add Siri support to Macs for the first time, and may be rebranded as MacOS.