Indigo Launches ‘RECO’ for iOS: Recommendation Network for Bookworms

Indigo has launched a new app called Reco in the App Store, geared towards booklovers to allow them to discover, share, capture and discuss the latest books, with recommendations coming from friends, experts and authors, instead of algorithms like competitors, it explains.

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Heather Reisman, RECO co-founder and Indigo’s Chief Executive Officer, said in an emailed statement to iPhone in Canada, “RECO is a platform for everyone to share the joy of reading and nothing beats getting a recommendation from someone whose opinion I trust.”

Reco allows users to easily share their book recommendations to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or text and email, plus also publish book lists followers can subscribe to. The company says over 8 million books have been tagged with interest profiles to help users find “their perfect next read.”

Influential authors are already part of Reco, such as Margaret Atwood and Neil Pasricha, which users can reach out to directly.

Toronto-based Retail Innovation Lab Kinetic Café helped develop the app, which Indigo explains is their first new tech venture since Kobo was founded in 2009.

Click here to download Reco for iOS in the App Store (Android coming soon).