Airlines Banning Galaxy Note 7 Amidst Battery Explosion Fears

Following a couple of recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery explosion incidents, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering a total ban of Galaxy Note 7 devices on US airlines. Once incident occurred in South Carolina, where it’s thought that a plugged in Galaxy Note 7 exploded in a garage, while in another case, a Galaxy Note 7 owner’s Jeep Grand Cherokee burst into flames after the handset exploded while connected to the vehicle for charging (via Redmond Pie).

Note 7 garrage burn

Note 7

The photos above show the damage caused by the recent Galaxy Note 7 explosion incidents. Wesley Hartzog, who left the device in has garage for charging while he went out to pick up his daughters, returned home to find his house engulfed in flames and emergency services already on the scene. Here’s what he said:

“Everybody was here and they were actually at the front door about ready to go inside and make the initial fire attack. Somebody told me that there was a fire in the garage. You know, you just don’t really ever think it will happen to you. They asked me if I had anything plugged in in the garage. My cell phone, which was the new Note 7, was plugged in in the garage. I also had an air compressor plugged into the same outlet, but the compressor wasn’t on”.

With all 2.5 million devices sold to date eligible for a recall by Samsung, the Federal Aviation Administration is now considering imposing a ban on the device on all US airlines, as it believes it cannot take the risk of having a defective device onboard an airplane. 

Meanwhile, Australian airlines Qantas, Jeststar and Virgin Australia have already banned the devices from flying in their planes.

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