Gorgeous Renders Imagine Apple AirPods in High-Gloss Jet Black [PICS]

Designer Martin Hajek is no stranger to imagining concepts for Apple products, and his latest images showcase the company’s new AirPods in high-gloss Jet Black.

Hajek poses the question of how come the AirPods did not come in black this year? What we do know is the Jet Black process is extremely complex and costly to manufacture. If we are to get a new colour for AirPods, expect that to come in future generations.

For now, we are stuck with white AirPods, which, according to early press reviews, actually sound great and will stay in your ears during exercise.

Below are some images of a Jet Black AirPods imagined by Hajek—check them out and let us know what you think:

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Apple’s AirPods will launch later in October, priced at $219 CAD ($159 USD). Who’s getting a pair? Do you think we’ll see them in black, sometime soon?