Taxi Drivers in Quebec File an Injunction Against the Government and Uber


Last week, a report noted that Quebec’s taxi companies were furious after the government and Uber announced a one-year pilot project. The taxi industry called the move, which will allow Uber to operate in the province for another year, “a betrayal and a humiliation.”

A group that represents the taxi drivers in Quebec filed an injunction against the government over its plan to let Uber operate in the province. The group is asking the Quebec Superior court to cancel the agreement between the province and the ride-sharing company because they feel that Transport Minister Laurent Lessard has gone beyond his power.

In a statement Marc-Antoine Cloutier, a lawyer representing the group, said:

“We’re not going to let go until we win that fight.”

What do you think of the group’s decision to take Uber to court? Do you think they will succeed in getting Uber banned from Quebec? Let us know in the comments below.