Black iPhone 7 Undergoes Scratch Test and Bend Test [VIDEO]

It’s iPhone 7 (and Apple Watch Series 2) launch day, which means YouTubers start their work of creating content tearing apart and abusing the latest smartphone from Apple.

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The video below comes from JerryRigEverything, who performs calculated scratch tests on the front glass of the iPhone 7 using picks based on the Mohs scale of hardness.

The tests show the iPhone 7 front glass scratches at about level 5 or 6, on par with other smartphones, says JerryRigEverything, meaning keys and coins should stay away from your phone’s screen.

The new Home ‘button’ does survive a razor blade scratch test, as does the rear camera lens. However, the lens cover scratches at level 6, instead of level 8 or 9, suggesting it may not be a pure “sapphire crystal lens cover”, as detailed in Apple’s specs page. The rear of the Black iPhone 7 does impressively withstand scratching from keys.

The iPhone 7 LCD also lasted almost ten seconds in a direct flame test—and fully recovered, unlike Samsung AMOLED displays, says the channel.

As for the bend test, the iPhone 7 does not bend easily, as it is held together well by adhesive, which assists in its new water resistance. So it looks like “bend-gate” won’t apply to iPhone 7.

Check out the full video below:

YouTube video

Don’t try this stuff at home, folks!

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