Apple Officially Debuts ‘Spoken Editions’ Section in iTunes


Today, Apple has officially launched a new section in iTunes called “Spoken Editions,” which lets users listen to articles from select websites.

The podcasts are powered by SpokenLayer, a company that turns a publishers’ RSS feed of articles into audio recordings, letting users hear their favourite sites instead of reading them. In a statement to TechCrunch, SpokenLayer CEO Will Mayo said:

“We have a distributed network of voice-over talent that is tagged and managed. The voice and style of any brand is in its writers and the reporting it does. That’s unique for every publication, and that uniqueness is honored.”

Stories can also include advertising, ensuring that publishers don’t lose out on profits. SpokenLayer said it expects to produce hundreds of episodes per week.

Spoken Editions is available now on iTunes, in addition to Apple’s Podcasts app, and you can get started by listening to select podcasts now from this link.

[via TechCrunch]