Apple to Replace iPhone 6/6s Batteries after Shutdown Complaints [u]

According to a NetEase report, Apple China has agreed to replace faulty iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s batteries for consumers who have filed complaints of their handsets spontaneously switching off even if more than half of the battery life is remaining (via ZDNet). Apple China is said to be in contact with its US headquarters over these complaints, although there is no confirmation yet whether the replacements will be free of charge.

Mac low battery screen icon

Earlier this week, the China Consumers Association said it has sent a letter to Apple regarding these complaints, according to which the automatic shutdowns occur when the iPhones still have about 50 to 60% of their battery life remaining, even after an iOS upgrade. The government-backed consumer rights watchdog added that the shutdowns occur even at low or moderate temperatures, and the handsets can only be turned on again after being plugged in.

Given the considerable amount of iPhone 6 and 6s users in the country and the relatively large number of complaints, the association requested Apple to clarify the reasons behind the issues, explain what it will do to correct the issues, explain if there are any problems with the battery, and give feedback regarding how it will handle relevant complaints.

The association didn’t detail the number of users affected by the problem, but shutdown complaints were widely seen on Chinese social networks.

Apple now has 10 working days to reply to the queries of the Chinese association.

Update: Looks like lots of Canadians are experiencing this too. We’ll investigate and update this post.

Update Nov. 20: Apple has launched a program to fix this issue for iPhone 6s users, which comes in the form of a free battery replacement, if eligible.

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