Microsoft Solitaire for iOS Launches with Five Classic Games

Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iPhone and iPad has launched in the App Store for free, bringing the classic card game to iOS, offering five of the best games in one app. This marks the first time Solitaire debuts outside of Windows, where it has existed for over 25 years.

The collection includes Klondike, Spider, Freecell, Tripeaks and Pyramid, with five games modes and four levels of difficulty available in daily challenges.

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The game will feature old and new win animations, which are the best part of Solitaire.

The iOS app also includes Xbox Live support, allowing users to earn achievements and compete with friends and family. Cloud support means you can leave from your iOS device and continue on Windows 10 with game data saved from where you left off.

At launch, Microsoft is offering the premium experience free for a month, which means no ads and double coins for daily challenges. However, after that, ads will come back but can be disabled for a $1.99 USD monthly in-app purchase.

Click here to download Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS in the App Store—It comes in at a 166MB download and requires iOS 8.0 or higher.