Apple Loses Core Wireless and Labor Code Violation Lawsuits

Apple retail store

Ottawa-based Conversant’s subsidiary Core Wireless Licensing, that has a large portfolio of more than 1,200 patents and applications, has been awarded $7.3 million in damages by a federal jury for the U.S. District Court for Northern California, which has found Apple to be infringing upon a pair of wireless patents owned by the Canadian firm (via MacRumors). 

“We are very pleased with the verdict,” said John Lindgren, Conversant’s CEO. “We appreciate the efforts of the court and the jury. This confirms the strength of the Core Wireless portfolio, especially following our success against LG earlier this year in two cases in the Eastern District of Texas.”

At the same time, Apple also lost another lawsuit when a San Diego Superior Court jury reached a verdict in favor of a group of former Apple Store retail employees, who had accused the company of Labor Code violations by not providing rest breaks, meal breaks, and not providing paychecks in a timely manner.

Although Apple will likely appeal the case before a higher court, it has been ordered by the jury to pay $2 million in the lawsuit.