Chart Shows Sky High Data Prices Canadians are Paying vs the World

If you have been following the incumbents’ quarterly earnings reports recently, you may have already noticed that they are posting nice revenues, and as smartphone adoption rises on their networks, data usage rises as well, driving more revenue.

There have been tons of reports saying that Canadians pay among the highest prices in the world, while carriers argue that their services are the best in the world. Still, when you look at how much others pay for the same gigabyte of data, well, somehow you start to wonder …

Here is a chart put together by Sweden-based telecommunications consultancy Tefficient (via Alphabeatic) showing Canada versus the rest of the world (okay, parts of it).


Canada, just like Finland, can be spotted immediately, because it is separated from other countries. And here is some explanation of this nice chart: It measures how many gigabytes of data typical cellphone users in different countries use per month, and also how much they pay for it. The prices are in euros.

Canadians seem to use relatively little data – a little more than 1 gigabyte – whereas Finnish people use more than 7 gigabytes.

But there is a major difference: In Finland, carriers make about 2 euros (less than CAD$3) for every gigabyte of data used. Canadian carriers make about 45 euros (roughly CAD$62) for every single gigabyte of data used.

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