TekSavvy Price Drops, Speed Increase Coming Due to CRTC Ruling

Multiple reports coming from TekSavvy customers spotted by MobileSyrup on Twitter and an email sent to a customer say the third-party internet service provider is lowering its prices, while increasing speeds. That’s really something you don’t see at every corner and is a great way to start the year, as the new prices and speeds will take effect in January.


The internet service provider is said to be revealing its new pricing on January 16. At this point it is not clear what changes TekSavvy will reveal, but there are voices about dropping the price by at least a few dollars, which the company confirmed with MobileSyrup without giving specific numbers.

There are a few Twitter users who seem to have more information about the new pricing: According to @DaftFunk_JD, his new bill will be $10 lower than previously, while the speed will go up by 10 mb/s. Another user said the company had informed him that his plan will be $2 cheaper, and that the speed will remain the same, although he has TekSavvy’s 10 upload/25 download plan.

TekSavvy credited the telecom regulator for its move. The CRTC ruled in October that incumbent providers were charging too much to get access to their network, and reduced network access rates by 39% and rate to transport internet data by 89%.

According to a MobileSyrup reader, Acanac has also decided to walk this path and now offers lower pricing but unchanged internet speeds.