TELUS Mobile Connect Pilot Offers Participants $20 in Starbucks Cards

TELUS is piloting Mobile Connect, a new technology which will allow its customers to securely access websites without usernames and passwords. Here’s how they describe it:

Mobile Connect is a new, simple and safe way for you to authenticate yourself to TELUS, and authorize related transactions in a secure and trusted manner using your mobile device and service. It eliminates multiple usernames and passwords, while at the same time enhancing security and privacy of your personal information. It’s the new way to manage your identity online, backed by participating mobile network operators globally.

In order to test the new program, TELUS is asking for participants to try it out, then answer a short survey. In exchange, they’ll be handing out $20 worth of Starbucks cards for your time. The pilot launched in November but will go until February 2017.

Mobile Connect Canada is supported by Telus, Koodo, Bell, Virgin, Rogers and Fido. Despite being owned by Telus, Public Mobile numbers don’t work for this pilot.

To get your first $10 card, the first 250 participants will need to sign up for the pilot and use Mobile Connect to login to the Telus website. Completion of a short survey at the end of the pilot will nab you another $10. Both cards will be sent to your email within two weeks of successful completion of both tasks (employees do not qualify for the offer).

Simply put, the pilot involves you downloading and registering for Mobile Connect Canada from the App Store, then login to the Telus website on your computer, with more detailed steps here.

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Here are a couple videos on Mobile Connect:

YouTube video

YouTube video

According to RFD, the offer is still available so if you have time and want to give this a shot, you could still be getting Starbucks gift cards.