Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Wants to Let Users Edit Tweets, But It’s Complicated


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took to his Twitter account this morning to ask users what the company can do to improve their product in the year ahead. The responses came in very quickly, and even though there were a lot of well thought out feature suggestions, the top three were:

  • An edit option for tweets
  • The ability to bookmark a tweet
  • Better tools for reporting online bullying.

If you are a Twitter fan, you should be excited because the company is actively considering all three of these requests. The company has never offered an edit button, but this feature could be really useful when it comes to fixing spelling mistakes or other errors.

However, the implementation of this apparently won’t be so easy to carry out. Dorsey notes that while editing a tweet seems like an easy thing to introduce, it requires a lot of work on the backend. For instance, what happens if someone edits their tweet one month after you retweet it? It could look like you are supporting something different than you originally intended.

Clearly, this is something that Dorsey and the rest of his company are thinking about a lot. For all we know, the company may already have a plan in place to support this, but all we can do is wait. What would you like to see Twitter create in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

[via FastCompany]

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